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Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable product with characteristics very similar to Testosterone Enanthate, presenting, like this, side effects that have given much to talk about. It is a very androgenic substance and this means that the aromatization rate that they have is very high and therefore some of the side effects are going to be the appearance of gynecomastia and fluid retention.
Like all testosterone available on the market, their illicit use is to treat abnormally low levels of some hormones in the human body, as these drugs can harm people’s health if used improperly. Testosterone Cypionate is a medication that brings with it a whirlwind of uninformed comments as not all users take the time to investigate the truth about this medication. Today you have the opportunity to know the basics of Testosterone Cypionate so you can decide if you are going to include it or not in your steroid cycle.

What we know so far about Testosterone

The increase in muscle mass that is achieved with Cypionate and Testosterone is quite large thanks to them, the nitrogen retention in the muscles is increased, making the protein better assimilated by them. It also notably increases the levels of the hormone IGF-1, the growth factor of insulin, and therefore, is associated with an increase in the amount of growth hormone produced by the body. The mass obtained is not of great quality due to fluid retention, but it is better than that obtained when consuming other types of steroids of dubious origin.

Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

As noted above, the higher the administered dose, the greater the chances that some of the following side effects will appear.
As it is a highly androgenic product, its conversion rate to estrogen is very high, therefore, the appearance of gynecomastia (development of mammary glands in men) and a notable increase in fluid retention due to its use, especially in the treatment of high doses and prolonged in time. Fluid retention can be quite a serious problem for those suffering from hypertension.
To avoid these effects, it is appropriate to avoid an antiestrogenic such as Proviron or Nolvadex.
Once the cycle is finished, the therapy to stimulate the natural production of testosterone is not followed, it could be the case that testicular atrophy occurs and it stops producing, with all the problems that this entails.
In addition, the appearance of the typical effects of any anabolic based on testosterone is practically safe, such as the appearance of acne on the back, arms and breasts, the increase in body beauty, the acceleration of the baldness process in a name genetically predisposed to it, among others.
Due to the highly androgenic nature of this product, its use in women is not recommended under any circumstances due to the strong masculinizing side effects that would appear almost certainly.

Benefits of Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate remarkably improves the recovery time between training, it is able to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood making the amount of oxygen it transports is greater, providing resistance. The amount of fat the body stores is decreasing and if you use this medicine within a definition cycle you can achieve a hard muscle effect and cut everything with a single dose of 200 mg.