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Deca Durabolin also known under names Nandrolone Decanoate and Deca is a derivative from Testosterone. It was developed back in 1960’s. This versatile hormone has a slightly higher anabolic rating than testosterone. With its low androgenic rating of 37 is considered to be very mild in nature. Nandrolone is attached to slow acting Decanoate ester.Its reputation rose together with other two most popular steroids of the golden area bulking stats, Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate. Dianabol as a kick-starter starts showing its effects in the first week, Testosterone in the fourth week while Deca as one of the slowest acting steroids, kicks in weeks 8-10.

Deca durabolin is capable of boosting collagen synthesis and improving bone mineral density. This will bring a relief to athletes and bodybuilders who suffer from join pains or ligament tears. Because it is a slow acting steroid, it is used during off-season bulking. Loss of muscles after the cycle is minimum and water retention is easy to control. Strength gains are not as with other steroids, they are slow but sustainable.  Deca boosts nitrogen retention and improves protein synthesis. This are key processes for building muscles.

Beginner steroid users should start with 250-500mg a week. More advance steroid users can increase it up to 600mg a week. This is the limit, anything more than that will cause side effects. The length of the cycle is the same for both which is 12-16 weeks. In the therapeutic usage, dosages are lower 100-150mg and 12-week long cycle.

Aromatization is weak compared to Testosterone but there is still a small possibility of gynecomastia and water retention. Women can avoid virilization symptoms by sticking to low doses. Small chance of hair loss and acne. There is an increase in LDL which should be noted as some people may already have issues with that.