Alphabolin™ 100 mg/ml 5 Amps in box (Primobolan)




Primobolan (Alphabolin) is considered one of the more popular anabolic these days. In fact, may bodybuilders have been have been known to have usedthis drug due to its benefits. Buy Primobolan comes in tablets and injectable form. It contains the active compound, methanolone, a mild anabolic steroid.

It is essentially ideal for bodybuilders who are in the cutting phases of their fitness training as the drug doesn’t do much for building muscle mass.
Primobolan is also a drug that makes for a good option in minimizing the adverse effects related to estrogen buildup. Like nandrolone ,Primobolan is most often used as a base compound for stacking with other steroids.
Primobolan however, is a DHT-based steroid (actually, DHB or dihydroboldenone, the 5-alpha reduced of the milder boldenon). Meaning when it interacts with the aromatase enzyme it does not
form estrogens at all. That makes it ideal for use when cutting when excess estrogen is best avoided because of its retentive effects on water and fat. Methenolone is
mostly only used in such instances, or by people who are very succeptible to estrogenic side-effects.

Potency: 100mg per 1ml

Active ingredient: Methenolone Enanthate

Packaging: 5x1ml ampoule

Popular dosage: 400-600mg per week

Performance: Muscle gains: 3/5
Strength: 2/5
Fat burn: 3/5
Side effects: 1/5