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Anadrol is basically the brand name of Oxymetholone. It was originally created to treat anemia by boosting the production of red blood cells. Not just that but those facing weight-loss issues following surgery, breast cancer, osteoporosis and many more. It all started in 1960’s but not until few years later, when bodybuilders and weightlifters discovered that it can help them for building lean muscle mass while simultaneously burning body fat. Understandable since it can build muscle two times faster than any other steroid. Its ability to boost protein synthesis results in strength and muscle gains. Anadrol’s half-life is around 16 hours so it must be taken on daily basis. Results will start appearing during the 3. week. Most gains will disappear after you finish taking the steroid. This is why it is mostly used in combination with another bulking anabolic steroid. The dosage should not exceed 50 to 100mg per day and cycle should not last longer then 4-6 weeks. Any more then that and you will be facing liver problems.

•    0.5kg gain per day
•    Works fast
•    Injections avoidable
•    Burns fat
•    Faster recovery
•    Gains disappear after you stop the usage
•    Various side effects
•    Toxic to the liver
•    Coffee
•    Water retention

This steroid is much stronger than testosterone. To be precise, its anabolic score is 320, making it 3.2 times stronger. Every anabolic steroid comes with possible side effects. It is important to mention that If you don’t follow cycle and dosages correctly, side effects will appear. Some of them are the following

Increased hair growth over the whole body, increased sexual drive, change in voice, acne, cardiovascular problems. Toxicity in the liver takes the first place of seriousness. The steroid has side effects that are classified as the worst among oral anabolic steroids. You should be very careful while using it. It is not recommended for women due to the risk of masculinity.