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This is a steroid with medium anabolic and high androgenic properties. Testosterone enanthate also known as testo e, is an injectable anabolic steroid. Steroids are nothing more than a synthetic variations of hormone Testosterone. Both genders have testosterone, but males have significantly higher levels and can be found in testis.

First and most important usage is to help people with low levels of testosterone. They often go through testosterone enanthate treatment. Basically, testosterone affects your whole body. Muscle growth and repair, and sexual functioning is from an androgenic side while improved athletic performance, weight, strength, muscle mass, fertility and libido are from an anabolic side. With low levels of testosterone, you won’t be able to build muscles, and this is why we have testosterone enanthate.  It is very important to know everything about testosterone as that is a foundation of everything.

These are the key benefits that you can expect throughout the cycle: fat burning, muscle building, energy boost, faster recovery, improved protein synthesis and enhanced nitrogen retention. Protein synthesis is a process that replaces old and damaged proteins with new and strong. With the right amount of nitrogen in the body, your muscles will be able to grow. Due to its steroid properties, it is one of the few that can be used during both cutting and bulking cycles. It should be noted that bodybuilders mostly stick to bulking. As we previously said, Test Enanthate is an injectable steroid that is injected 2-3 times a week. There are two cycles, beginner and advance.


500mg/week for 12 weeks – Test E
200mg/week for 10 weeks- Deca Durabolin
0.5mg/eod for 12 weeks-Arimidex


500-750mg/week for 12 weeks – Test E
40mg/day for 6 weeks-Dianabol
But it can also be stacked with other steroids such as tren acetate, winstrol, equipoise, masterone and hgh. Responsible usage is necessary in order to avoid side effects like oily skin, hair loss, aromatization.