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You can run Anavar cycle with or without stacking it with other anabolic steroids. In today’s article you will find out what results can you achieve.
It seems there is some turmoil regarding the time required for effects to kick in. Drugs start working immediately and the same thing is with steroids. Although it will take some time for the growth of muscles to be noticeable.
Mostly takes 3-4 weeks for some actual noticeable results.
This is why people will underestimate the Oxandrolone effects.
In Anavar only cycle, the growth of muscles won’t be significant but the effects will be long lasting due to its anabolic properties.
You can anticipate up to 5 pounds of lean muscle mass.

Anavar results for everybody

This probably doesn’t seem too much as you expect even more, no matter whether is it due to water retention or not.
You shouldn’t get fooled by this and let someone convince you that Oxandrolone is weak.
When we are talking about lean muscle mass, 5 pounds is quite an improvement.
This is the reason why users tend to continue with Anavar cycle up to 12 weeks of usage instead of just 6 weeks.
If you care about your body and its health, you shouldn’t be taking oral steroids for that long time.
The reason is simple, the liver toxicity which builds over time. Most of youngsters will not think too far in the future and neglect the consequences. This is not a joke as there have been cases where they need a new liver.
It is the same with everything, the more you use, the bigger the results but also the higher risk. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, you just have to balance it so you can get the most of it while avoiding the risks.

What can Anavar help you with?

Lets see first what are the things Anavar can’t help you with.  One of these things is bulking up. If you are expecting to gain some significant weight and muscle mass, you will be disappointed.  Blood volume and water retention is what adds you few extra pounds but not with this steroid.
In this case, Dianabol is way better choice since you cannot expect any major weight gain with Anavar.
But what you can expect is to get significantly stronger. The reason to that is increased production of creatine.
Winstrol and Anavar are frequently compared as they both produce dry gains.
But this doesn’t mean they have similar properties. Winstrol is a derivative of DHT with androgenic properties and isn’t a mild woman friendly steroid.
Woman can experience hair loss or growth of hair in unwanted places which is not pleasant for the eye.
On the other hand, Oxandrolone doesn’t have androgenic properties and won’t cause the Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPGA) to shut down.
Although there will be some suppression since it comes from testosterone but it is minimal.
To summarize, Anavar is great choice for those who want to boost their current cycle while avoiding any negative impact on HPTA or the cycle which you can easily recover from.

Anavar negative results

One common problem with anabolic steroids is high blood pressure due to water retention. Luckily, this is not an issue with Oxandrolone.
Because this is a steroid with a mild androgenic nature, aromatization doesn’t take place. When an androgen gets accumulated in the body, it converts into estrogen and we have to avoid that.
A decrease in sex drive and libido as well as bloating appearance is then to be expected.
Due to Oxandrolone’s low androgenic nature, it became popular among women.
Female athletes can now gain muscles without worrying about the masculizing side effects.
It doesn’t cause estrogen conversion and women can now have a leaner look.
If you are not in the bodybuilding or any kind of sports, you shouldn’t be taking more than 5-10mg per day.

Anavar effects on fat

Another significant Anavar benefit is that it assists in losing body fat.
There are those who find this debatable. The reason is that in order to build muscle mass and improve your physical appearance you must be careful what you eat. Hence you will lose body fat regardless of anavar.
But when you actually use it, your muscles will be more defined and harder.
Exercising on normal levels will help reduce visceral fat in the stomach area, says the studies.
One good thing about that is when users stop taking it they are able to keep the fat off. But you have to keep exercising and avoid junk food.
Oxandrolone is known for enhancing endurance and focus.
Those into combat sports will find it of a great use. Their power, force, reaction and speed will increase without gaining any weight. This makes it a perfect steroid for them as they are not allowed to gain any weight.
Steroids that you have been taking affect your recovery time. Was it just one or did you stack few of them, it all affect the time you need to recover.
Full recovery will be fast if and only if you have been taking responsible dosages so it doesn’t affect HPTA and by taking post cycle therapy steroids.

What is the cost of Anavar

Anavar doesn’t have a lot of disadvantages but there are few. The biggest one is the cost. When you compare it to other oral anabolic steroids, you will be stunned.
You will often find that a single pill goes for 2-4$ which is quite expensive. If you plan on taking small doses and stack it with something else, you will be fine. But if you decided to do Anavar only cycle you will have to spend quite a bit of money.
The other one is the ratio between dosages and effects. With doses of 50-80mg you won’t experience similar changes in the physique like you would with Dianabol.
To make a better use of Oxandrolone you stack it with other anabolic steroids such as Testosterone.