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There is a difference between Anavar cycle for men and for women.  It also depends for what cause you are using it. Today we will see what is the best cycle for men.
There are some ground rules that should be followed as they will help you get the best possible results.   Cycle dosages and stacks will differ from individual to individual and we will help you to find the best one for you.
The nature of this anabolic steroid helps bodybuilders with lean muscle mass and burning fat during the cutting cycle.
There are some side effects that men should be aware of since they are required to take much larger doses than women.
If you have been trying to find an article that will explain you the effects, dosing and side effects of Anavar cycle, you found a right one.

Anavar cycle for men

Oxandrolone or more popularly known as Anavar, is an oral anabolic steroid categorized as a DHT-dihydrotestosterone.
Oxandrolone’s chemical name is 17b-hydroxy-17a-methyl-2-oxa-5a-androstane-3-one with a molecular weight of 305g/mol.  Classified as one of the alpha alkylated steroids with C19H3003 as the chemical formula.
Anavar is one of the gentlest and safest steroids with little androgenic properties which doesn’t aromatize.
Since its androgenic effects are limited and the natural production of testosterone is not significantly suppressed, makes it prefect for men to use it.
One advantage of Anavar over other anabolic steroids is its low liver toxicity.
The rapid loss of body fat makes is very popular and used among everyone.
Estrogenic side effect such as water retention, is often an issue among anabolic steroids.  Without experiencing that side effect, Anavar will help you build lean mass and increase strength, recovery and endurance.
Once you start with Anavar cycle for men, protein synthesis of the muscle cells will be increased, resulting in energy boost and increase in strength and endurance.
The rapid loss of fat happens due to energy release.
Oxandrolone also affects the pace of which hormones release in the body.  Those hormones are IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor), GH (growth hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone).

Anavar cycle-men dosages

Stacking Anavar and dianabol will produce phenomenal results. There is a cycle for beginners and advance users.
Those just starting should go for the beginner cycle which consists of

10mg of Anavar -> 100 tablets
5mg of Dianabol ->200 tablets
50mg of Clomid -> 24 tablets

Those who are experienced and have already used anabolic steroids should go for the advance cycle which consists of

10mg of Anavar -> 150 tablets
5mg of Dianabol ->300 tablets
50mg of Clomid -> 36 tablets

Anavar alone won’t cause you any side effects but when it is taken with Dianabol it might. So take it in responsible dose.
Since they are both oral steroids, there is chance of damaging your liver as well as increased blood pressure.
Anavar cycles and stacks
The most used dosage is 50mg of Anavar per day for total of 8 weeks. This relatively normal dose will produce satisfactorily results.
Nonetheless, there are those who take up to 80-100mg a day for even greater results.  Anything more than that is highly unnecessary and not suggested. Even 100mg per day can be debated.
The total length of Anavar cycle should not exceed 10 weeks.
This is one of the rare steroids that women can use.  The reason why is because of its mild effects. But they should take much smaller doses and not exceed 10-20mg per day.
To experience even greater results, you can combine Oxandrolone
Testosterone as the base of every cycle is here to assist you additionally.
Conversion to estrogen is nonexistent with Oxandrolone which means that water retention and gynecomastia will be avoided. Since it doesn’t aromatize, it is perfect for men.
It is often used prior competitions because it removes fat, doesn’t retain water and develops hard and lean muscles.
Anavar is one of those steroids that can be used for a long time but everything has a limit. If you exceed it, you will be facing unpleasant effects.
Some of these unpleasant effects are acne, oily skin, vomiting, hair loss, depression, liver damage…

Anavar stacking with winstrol and clenbuterol

Cycle is often supplemented with other quality cutting steroids such as Winstrol and Clenbuterol. This is the best possible combination in terms of building lean muscles.
The total length of the cycle is 7 weeks and you have to take daily dosages of:
10mg of Anavar
10mg of Clenbuterol
25mg of Winstrol
To reduce the risk of side effects we recommend you to take drugs such as Proviron, Clomid or Nolvadex.
Anavar is top 3 cutting steroids that help you build lean muscles and lose fat.
Levels of virilization are very low which makes it a great supplement for women.

The most optimal length of Anavar cycle

If you want to start taking Anavar, you want to know how long can you use it.
The maximum period of time the user can stay on the drug, mostly depends on the user itself. What that means is that many health factors need to be considered before scheduling the cycle.
Every anabolic steroid comes with different side effects.
As it has been previously said, Anavar is a mild steroid, but that doesn’t mean the side effects should be neglected.
For example, we have liver toxicity which it increases as you increase the length of the cycle. While we are here, it is suggested for user to monitor its liver activities during the cycle.
Effects on the body
Another circumstance to consider is the effect of Anavar on the lipid profile. It is clear that the usage of the steroid will impact it negatively.
In another article regarding the effects on body and side effects we mentioned how anabolic steroid increase the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) and decrease a level of HDL.
While keeping it to low dosages with moderate cycle length, no serious damage should be done.
The issue here is that this steroid can be taken and is taken for longer period of time due to its low liver toxicity.  What that means is that it accumulates over time and there is a tendency of reaching those side effects.
Because of cholesterol effects on the arteries it may result in the condition known as atherosclerosis. It leads to high blood pressure by narrowing your blood vessels.
The thing that is concerning is it doesn’t disappear when you stop with the cycle rather it builds up with each steroid cycle. The accumulation can lead to cardiovascular diseases, not now but in the future.

How to use anavar safely

Since anabolic steroids have high tendency of causing side effects they have to be taken responsibly. It depends on type of the cycle how long it will last. That can be 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks.
A single cycle of 6-12 weeks most likely won’t cause you any harm as long as you do it responsibly. But overtime It can accumulate and manifest in the future.
It is highly suggested for an Anavar user to be in close contact with their specialist and be ready to undergo some tests if anything happens.