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Trenbolone Acetate that also goes under the name Tren A is used among professional athletes and bodybuilders as a strong anabolic steroid. Thanks to its versatile nature it is most often then not, stacked with other anabolic steroids. The production started in 1960’s like with most anabolic steroids and it went under the name of Finajet. From being a medical substance that is available everywhere, now it is just a steroid that is used as a performance enhancer and that can be found most of the time on black market and rarely few pharmacies.

There is a discussion where its benefits will shine the most, but it is definitely during off season bulking. There will be a visible muscle mass growth among users. Professional athletes tend to use it to maintain their muscle mass. The thing about Trenbolone Acetate is that its anabolic androgenic ratings are significantly higher when compared to other steroids. With testosterone having only 100 in its properties, tren acetate with 500/500 makes it look like it is nothing.

The effects last 48-72 hours. Beginner dosage is 200-300mg per week while advance users tend to go for 400,500mg per week which can cause some side effects, so it requires a responsible usage. Trenbolone acetate helps you recover faster. It also improves protein synthesis and helps your muscles to retain nitrogen. The number of glucocorticoid hormones is decreased while the amount of red blood cells is increased. When you are done with the cycle you should add more than 15lb to your weight. This will be muscle mass and not fat. Fat burning is enhanced throughout the cycle, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Estrogenic side effects will be avoided but there will be some androgenic side effects like acne, increase in bad cholesterol, unwanted body hair therefore, post cycle therapy is recommended.