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There is still an on-going debate whether Cytomel is considered to be a medication or an anabolic steroid. For us, it is an oral anabolic steroid and there are many ways of how you can benefit from it. It goes under a different name such as Liothyronine and it helps with swelling in thyroid organ and thyroid hormone low blood levels. This is the hormone that is generated inside of our bodies on the daily basis by the thyroid organ.

It takes care of your body’s energy and metabolism. Like with testosterone, it can happen to random people that the production is suppressed. If the current production is not enough for the body to function properly than you have to visit your doctor to give you a prescription.

These days, Cytomel is mostly used for a different thing. Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes use it to improve their fat loss. If you have any issues regarding diabetes, heart related problems or pituitary organ, you should contact the doctor beforehand. T3 is used together with other anabolic steroids as they positively affect your body’s metabolism. Cytomel is a steroid that helps you set your basal metabolic rate and control metabolism. If noted doses are exceeded, you might experience loss of muscles.

This is why well-balanced diet can help you avoid it due to protein saving properties of anabolic steroids. Throughout the cycle, body’s core temperature will be increased. What that means is that your body will consume more and more calories while literally not changing your daily routine. It is recommended to take 20mg a day with water. This is a beginner dose and you are free to increase it as much as you want. But be careful as this is an anabolic steroid and they can cause some negative effects.