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Femara (Letrozole)

By Bill Roberts – Two completely different stories can be found in the aromatase inhibitor letrozole.
In medical studies that measure the levels of estradiol and testosterone in the blood of hundreds of individuals, letrozole is a very consistent drug with almost no unusual behaviour. The only odd behaviour found in All the other studies has shown a relatively ordinary and consistent power.
My findings for more than ten years have coincided with these results.

The other story will be that even follow-up doses of letrozole will “eliminate” estrogen and that it is complicated to use for this reason. If that is your experience with a given Letromina product, follow your adventure. However, suppose you are new to letrozole or have used it successfully. In that case, I recommend that you consider it more difficult than any other aromatase inhibitor (AI), as this is my experience with many people.

How much letrozole to use?

As with all AIs, there is a significant personal variation, where many users need only half of the majority, and some require even less. In all cases, the dose should be evaluated individually depending on the side effects observed and, preferably, also based on blood tests. But as a general guide, I recommend around 0.36 mg/day as the base amount for an anabolic steroid cycle with a modest amount of aromatizable steroids, such as 200-300 mg/week of testosterone.

This amount will usually double at a higher dose, such as 750 mg/week. You should take at most 1 mg/day unless the blood tests show abnormally high estradiol, even at that level, but this is rarely the case. Overdose will result in low levels of estradiol, which can result in adverse side effects of loss of libido, depression, joint pain, or flat-appearing musculature. If a high dose is not administered while using aromatizable steroids such as testosterone or Dianabol, abnormally high estradiol can also cause loss of libido or depression, can cause water retention, and cause or aggravate gynecomastia.

When you experience depression or loss of libido as the only side effects observed and are unsure whether the problem is due to an overdose or overdose, the blood test is the best way to resolve the question. Merely changing the dose and observing the result may be otherwise.
When it is desired to reduce the dose of letrozole, it is essential to consider the half-life of two days of the drug. Due to the accumulation in the body, if you reduce the dose, the result will only be entirely seen for a week! However, you have a problem that must be corrected promptly.

Instead, allow the levels to fall during a short break. If, for example, you want to reduce the dose by half, take two days off completely, and then start reducing the dose. Or, if you reduce the dose by 25%, take a day off and then start the new dosage.When beginning the use of letrozole, its half-life should also be considered. When you use letrozole continuously when you take a dose, your body will receive the treatment you just made and two days of cumulative doses.

You must take only one treatment on the first day of use to have the necessary amount in your system. Instead, take the 3-dose value on the first day and use your regular daily dose. This will quickly lead to blood levels where they should be. If you do not do this, it will ultimately take approximately two weeks for blood levels to accumulate.

The use of letrozole during anabolic steroid cycles should generally be discontinued at the end of the last week of the period. However, suppose you know from experience that when you stop the cycle, a certain amount of letrozole optimizes your estradiol levels. In that case, the dose can be changed to that amount instead of suspended.

As suggested above, in some cases, a person may have excessively high estrogen while not using anabolic steroids. Letrozole can work exceptionally well to normalize estradiol in these cases. For most men, 20 to 29 pg / mL of estradiol is the ideal range to aspire to, although some feel better in their 30s. The amount of letrozole needed will depend on the amount of correction required. When estradiol is well above the target range, 0.36 mg.